Remote Trials - The New Normal?

Chris Tiedemann


Remote Trials - The New Normal?

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We have all seen examples of the serious gaffes and disastrous faux pas with a DIY approach to remote witnesses and remote testimony.  As an advocate for your client and your case, consider carefully where it makes sense to spend your time and energy and when you should consider outsourcing. Prolumina has decades of experience with remote testimony and was one of the first companies in the nation to bring remote testimony into a courtroom and can help with your next remote hearing, arbitration, or trial. 

At the end of April, an attorney fee dispute in a Texas State Court became one of the first remote bench trials conducted through Zoom video software. While we believe jury trials are still months away from being conducted remotely, it will become more and more common to see mediation, arbitration, hearings, and bench trials utilizing remote / web conferencing software and applications as we continue to adapt to working from home and social distancing. 

While many early adopters of remote technology have used a DIY approach, attorneys should be very careful of the potential risks if security procedures are not closely followed. While unwanted “bombing” is not a new phenomenon in trial, there have been some more recent serious faux pas committed such as Florida attorneys not fully clothed or even appearing in bed under the covers. 

Prolumina has decades of experience with remote testimony and was one of the first companies in the nation to bring remote testimony into a courtroom. With our experienced trial technicians, we can bring a nearly full in-court experience to your next deposition, hearing, or trial.  Our technicians can display and manipulate exhibits including highlights, call-outs, zooms, and annotations. We can also play video, including impeachment clips and other deposition video. This level of support not only takes the technical and logistical aspects off your plate, it greatly speeds up the examination keeping your questioning moving smoothly without technical time-outs or stumbles.

Prolumina has created a brief video demonstrating an expert witness examination in a bench trial setting to depict how effective and efficient remote witness examination can be when conducted properly. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs and how Prolumina can make sure your cases continue moving forward – regardless of where the parties are physically located.